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Valvoline Coupon $20 04 February, 2023

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Valvoline has spent over 140 years perfecting our lubricants under the hood to boost the performance of our vehicles. Valvoline Instant Oil Changes as a division of Valvoline is a part of the wealthy heritage. Below are a few of the achievements that Valvoline reached along the way.

  • Our motor oil was introduced in 1866 and was first marked as a lubricant for the engine in 1873
  • Oil supplied for the winning car in America's first auto race in 1895
  • In 1939, single grade oil was introduced to replace 18 other oils
  • Produced an all-climate oil in 1959.

Every time you pull into a service center for Valvoline Instant Oil Change, you're part of our heritage too-the most important part: more than 25 years of helping drivers and their families stay healthy on the road.

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